Nico Espinoza is a sound designer and experimental musician, native from Chile, who lives and works in Rio de Janeiro.
Aesthetically interested in noise, the exercise of active listening in the form of spontaneous sound field recording plays an important part of his process. His sound pieces are built by algorithms inspired by this practice, physical phenomena and mathematical models. Regardless of the final format of the work; algorithmic composition, free improvisation or installation, randomness and interactivity are part of it.
His works have been exhibited in different places of Rio de Janeiro, such as the Oi Futuro Flamengo Theater, the Maré Arts Center and the Anita schwartz Art Gallery, in São Paulo at the Brazilian Museum of Sculpture as part of the Invisible Landscapes exhibition, at the collective exhibition Artificial Idiocracy in Linz, Austria, and at Imagine! Festival of Ideas and Politics in Belfast.
He has published in the Ircam Forum, in the Brazilian Congress of Music and Mathematics and in the Conference and in the Journal of the Society of Electroacoustic Music of Korea.